Engineering Management


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Engineering Management.

Our priority is to deliver a superior service for our customers that is on schedule and budget. We listen and fully comprehend our customers expectations and aim to meet them. Experience enables us to foresee the complexities and engineer correct solutions to problems that the customer may sometimes encounter. We have a comprehensive understanding of the Asses-Select-Define-Execute cycles and incorporate project solutions we can truncate without compromising the objectives of delivering excellence on fast track schedules.


  • We can perform the background data gathering and studies (Geotechnical, Geophysical, met-ocean and environmental impact assessment criterion.
  • Conduct studies in the Brownfield and Greenfield development.
  • Concept screening and reference case selection.
  • Assist in the selection of reference cases and preliminary screening of concepts for DSP.
  • Compile regulatory analysis for permitting and land ROW use for onshore pipelines.
  • Gather known interface and tie-in specifications and compile informative technical assumptions.
  • Assist with the development of the economic model in establishing the commercial framework.
  • Gather data on market options in consideration of high impact long lead times.
  • Set up and prepare tailored contracting procurement strategy.

Concept Selection.

It is generally accepted that the concept selection phase for offshore and on shore field development has the most influence in determining the eventual business financial bottom-line. The effort expended in refining and confirming the concept selection as correct can not be under valued in terms of importance. The decision to approve a particular technology and technical concept should be constantly challenged until it is agreed conclusively to be, the correct solution for development. It is very useful to have gathered comprehensive PVT and compositional data during this phase with flow assurance assumptions, water break through and similarly detailed geophysical, geotechnical and met-ocean data in helping define the route design, the vessels and equipment required for installation and to assist in qualifying definitive price estimates for the assumed/perceived schedule and risks.

​Talisman Subsea will responsibly advise and manage the interfaces for our customer between design, procurement, installation and construction with confidence. Fundamental issues which have an influential bearing on the concept selection include.

  • Water depth and met-ocean conditions.
  • Local availability and cost of installation, drilling and intervention spreads.
  • Realistic assessment of lifetime IRM costs.
  • Constraints and opportunities presented by existing infrastructure.
  • Availability of construction vessels. (market conditions expected and current)
  • Indigenous fabrication opportunities and regulations regarding local content.
  • Availability of maintenance and support personnel.
  • Expansion requirements, future development opportunities.
  • Project schedule, truncated or full cycle.
  • Processing requirements. (flow assurance)
  • Political, security, social and financial risks.
  • Pressure build up ( and surge protection)
  • Operation philosophy.
  • Intervention and IRM philosophy
  • The contracting strategy to be adopted and prevailing technical market factors.
  • The appropriate level of involvement in concept optimisation.
  • The production availability needed to support the hydrocarbon delivery contracts.
  • The impact of flow assurance strategy adopted on the system design and intervention provisions.
  • The materials specifications needed to endure the full system lifetime operation.
  • The upfront and operational intervention costs involved in achieving the necessary system uptime.
  • The need for review and the interface of existing to that of new technology, associated risk.
  • Availability of personnel, materials, construction vessels.


  • Review of the economic model.
  • Investigate reservoir characteristics across life of field, define best case.
  • Asset evaluation of DSP.
  • Freeze the BOD.
  • Asses level of deliverables required relative to assumed contract strategy (various)
  • Finalising the procurement strategy for the long lead items and project schedule.
  • Tender process for the long lead items (Client or FEED contractor)
  • Nominating the FEED contractor normally requires an ITT.
  • Contracting Strategy Workshops.
  • Manage the FEED contractor and technical interfaces to produce deliverables.
  • Validation subsurface information. (constantly challenged)
  • Marine and Sub-sea engineering associated deliverables.
  • Future development/extensions.
  • ​Subsurface and flow assurance Interface.
  • Drilling Interface and their schedule.
  • Topside facilities SPS interface to controls and monitoring.
  • Installation and Commissioning.

Execution Phase.

  • Talisman Subsea will also manage the contractors and be the technical interface to produce the deliverables.
  • Project Tailored technical and commercial evaluation of tender packages.
  • Execute management of change should BOD revisions be required.
  • Factory and site acceptance testing support.
  • Interface management with projects production and operations.
  • Oversee and manage the construction installation contractors campaign.
  • Manage through to mechanical completion and certification.
  • Manage pre and final project commissioning.
  • Manage production acceptance and hand over.
  • Review as built documentation and close out reporting as final deliverables.