Engineering Management


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On-Shore Pipelines

Talisman Subsea have engineering consultancy skill sets for both brown and green field on shore pipeline construction systems, tie-in, FOC and DTS leak detection. Particularly in physically challenging environments, mountainous terrain, urban and industrial areas, border crossings, bridge crossings, river crossings. Installing pipelines and valve systems, pig launchers and receivers with remote control stations where a high level of safety and security measures are required. From route selection and survey, permitting, ROW, construction camp set up, security and just in time pipe delivery. From Concept through FEED to mechanical completion, Talisman Subsea has the skill sets to deliver on schedule and budget.
Laying a 24 inch cross country export pipeline near to a surface laid live 12 inch pipeline in Kurdistan.
Stringing a 24inch 3lpe coated pipeline, Kurdistan.
Mine field clearance with armoured machinery prior to lay operations, in Kurdistan.