Engineering Management


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Offshore Pipelines, Umbilical’s, Cables, SPS

Pipeline Engineering for fast track subsea developments require truncated concept selection techniques that fully incorporate the EPCI cycle focusing on a FEED that also delivers on detail design and procurement well ahead of the construction and installation schedule.

TSL having worked in both the EPC and Operator Environment as project managers, engineers and contractor management for high value offshore capital intensive projects. We have a precise and clear understanding in terms of the pipe lay contractors methodology for, Reel, S lay, J lay, flexible and rigid pipe. Pipe-in Pipe, bundle and HP-HT, construction and installation techniques including vessel selection, installation engineering and commissioning. Route survey data design management and review for selection and environmental impact. TSL will Interface between contractor and operator in recognition of the correct project skill sets required and in order to drive the project and deliver on the operators schedule and budget.

Talisman subsea has affiliation with technical specialist in structural engineering and finite element analysis. The fluid finite element model is based on flow velocity as the variable and the response of fluid filled pipelines to valve closure modelling, including materials technology requirements in the
preparation of on and offshore pipeline design documentation.​

Concrete Coated Export pipeline laid from a lay barge offshore Strait of Hormuz, traditional S lay, shallow to deep water. Survey support vessel with work class ROV does touch down monitoring and as laid survey for as built documentation.

TSL will assist and manage in terms of all Engineering, Construction and Installation.

  • S-Lay (Shallow to Deep), J Lay (Intermediate to Deep), Reel lay (Intermediate to Deep)
  • Latest DNV code application and implementation for FEED, all design activities.
  • Offshore pipeline route selection studies.
  • Preparation of Basis of Design Documentation, material and construction specifications.
  • Wall thickness, material and construction specifications to DNV code.
  • Expansion and on- bottom stability and free span analysis to DNV code.
  • Bundled systems tow & technical review, comparison to traditional lay methods.
  • Interconnector pipe lines, shore approaches and landfall.
  • Coastal topography studies, determined by interaction between marine and geology.
  • Infield pipe lines, export pipelines.
  • Pipe in pipe and laying studies and technique’s.
  • Upheaval and lateral buckling, detail global buckling analysis
  • Flexible flow-lines,riser and umbilical’s installations, VIV studies.
  • HDPE flow lines and conduits for FOC.
  • Solu-Force HDPE.
  • Subsea fibre optics controls and HV cables.
  • Difficult subsea terrain, crossings and support design analysis, burial techniques.
  • Installation and laying using OFFPIPE, stability & shore approaches analysis.
  • Dropped object protection and weight coating.
  • Pipeline replacements and re engineering.
  • Pipeline abandonment.
  • Environmental impact assessment and monitoring.
  • Corrosion protection and leak detection systems.
  • Rigid pipeline recovery for field removal.
  • Flexible flow-lines recovery recondition and re installation.
  • Pipeline catenary, riser ad moorings.