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Project Management.

Project Delivery Overview.

Emerging and mid-tier operators have found that integrating our complete service into their existing organisation has been very beneficial in delivering projects on schedule and budget. We will seamlessly integrate, bringing to our customers key skills, leadership, knowledge and additional management with diligent support where it is needed. We can provide a management service from concept to handover.

Project Management Consultancy.

  • EPC -. EPCI Management.

  • Owners engineering and representation PM services.

  • Verification and Review Services.

Key Overview of our Project Management.

The foundation upon which any project is built is the Basis of Design and should include the reservoir data defining the parametric envelope that the production system is capable of operating within. For any subsea field development, the most critical vulnerability relates to the PVT parameters and those governing the multiphase flow assurance process. The quality of well testing and fluid sampling operations underpins a successful field development and the outcome, any cost savings from short-cuts in defining that data accurately will significantly raise the risks to field development economics.

It is essential for the surface and sub-surface teams in new development to constructively engage to be sure that the field life cycle and design is clearly understood and appreciated by all parties prior to entering FEED. If there is any doubt or ambiguity at this stage, then hold until more definitive data becomes available. Additionally, it is important to introduce reliable Met-ocean and soils data in the Basis of Design document, as this will be relied on by installation contractors.

A FEED scope of work for a subsea development would typically include:

  • Review of the Basis of Design process simulations, including steady state and transient hydraulic analysis, to optimise the pipeline system configuration, operating parameters and the operating philosophy.
  • Pipeline routing definition, mechanical design, installation studies and materials engineering include a recommendation of rigid versus flexible flow lines.
  • Seabed stability studies and preliminary foundation designs for structures identify any gaps in both the geotechnical and geophysical survey information.
  • Definition of the control umbilical and both subsea and topside definition for the control systems, control pods, and umbilical termination and distribution units, LER and HPU, coms, power and MCS stations.
  • Manifold layouts and design requirements together with greater design definition of the infield layout and subsea production system hardware to include depending on location dropped object and over trawl requirements.
  • System design reviews addressing technical integrity, generic reliability and availability, risk and cost definition, and safety assessments. (Hazop/Hazid of the system)
  • Definition of system pre-commissioning and commissioning philosophy requirements.
  • Preparation of a definitive cost estimate against risked schedule.
  • Preparation of detailed purchase specifications for line-pipe, control pods, trees, umbilical’s and connectors.
  • Preparation of functional specifications for the pipelines, manifolds, and PLETS (material, fabrication and installation).
  • Quantify and appraise available geotechnical information.
  • Preparation of an Installation EPCI, ITT.
  • Definition of SIL requirements.
  • Preparation of a detailed operating philosophy.
  • Development of an Intervention philosophy.
  • Identification of HP/LP interface.
  • Identification of any potential pressure build up and the need for surge protection.

Project Consultancy Overview.

Talisman subsea can work in a practical hands on management approach with our customer regardless of scope and complexity, we believe it is more commercial advantageous to use small teams that specialise in several functional areas of discipline. We have the breadth of vision from front end thinking through detail design to commissioning and handover. Typically the SPS installation phase of any offshore campaign is the most capital intensive, flexibility to install and tie-in that hardware in any sequence regardless of base case plans and schedule will always add value. We do this by examining the opportunity early in the project cycle in order to establish simultaneous work fronts and look for installation campaign efficiencies by simplified smart design methodologies that can be introduced at FEED and refined at detail design, this avoids escalating costs enhances operability and reduces field life IRM.

Overview of some Project Examples.

  • Tullow Oil Jubilee Phase 1A project execution preparation, tender evaluation planning, screening and selection process for new riser installation, water and gas injection plus 8 additional 4slot producers and WI manifolds.
  • BG Trinidad. Appraisal, SPS or Shallow water platform for Deep Dolphin/Starfish expansion project FEED.
  • BG Norge Execution Phase FPSO Knarr HP/HT Bundled Pipeline, contract recommendation award report and project documentation gap analysis.
  • BP London ACG Subsea FEED management.
  • DNO Dubai, Pipelines management and consultancy Kurdistan, Oman, RAK.
  • Addax Petroleum West Africa, FPSO, Subsea field extension program.
  • GtoG Project for NSPPL Grey Stream 42 Inch Gas Pipeline 1200Km Karachi to Lahore, FEED project management to FID.
  • SHELL Nigeria Management.Shell Bonga, specialised subsea intervention and consultancy management.
  • NNPC Consultancy subsea solution for 16inch pipeline failure and lost export production.