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EPCI Management.

Talisman Subsea offers a full EPCI management and engineering service for our clients. A good FEED will constantly challenge any assumptions made during concept selection.

Typically: The deliverables should all be aligned.

  • Review of the Basis of Design.
  • Process simulations, including steady state and transient hydraulic analysis, to optimise the pipeline system design and operating parameters and to define the operating philosophy.
  • Pipeline routing definition, mechanical design, installation studies and materials engineering (to include a recommendation of rigid versus flexible flow-lines or a bundled system.
  • Seabed stability studies and preliminary foundation designs for structures (and identification of any gaps in the geotechnical and geophysical information survey suite)
  • Definition of the control umbilical configurations and the development of appropriate system definition for the control systems top side and subsea, control pods, umbilical termination and distribution units, fibre optic for telecoms/communications and DTS for monitoring and leak detection.
  • Manifold layouts and design requirements together with conceptual design and definition of the infield layout and subsea production system hardware (to include any requirements for over-trawl-ability)
  • System design reviews addressing technical integrity, generic reliability and availability, risk and cost optimisation, and safety assessments. (Hazop/Hazid of the system)
  • Definition of system pre-commissioning and commissioning philosophy and requirements.
  • Preparation of a definitive costing’s against schedule.
  • Preparation of detailed purchase specifications for line-pipe control pods, trees, umbilicals and connectors.
  • Preparation of functional specifications for the pipelines, manifolds, and PLETS (material, fabrication and installation).
  • Quantify and appraise available geotechnical and geophysical information.
  • Preparation of an Installation ITT and evaluation criterion and plan.
  • Definition of SIL requirements.
  • Preparation of a detailed operating philosophy.
  • Development of an Intervention philosophy.
  • Identification of HP/LP interfaces.
  • Identification of any potential pressure build up and the need for surge protection.
The delivery/execution phase of a project may entail more design effort and some management of change process, the development of purchasing specifications and contracting with installation contractors. If at contract award stage design requires significant revision and re-work and scope tightening, then the FEED was not robust, detailed design was not clearly defined and the contractor not properly mentored, misunderstandings at this stage will impact the schedule and procurement and ultimately the business bottom line.There will also be integration and interface management to consider for the tie-in of the subsea works to an offshore platform floating/fixed, or onshore facility. Once the design parameters are agreed, the focus moves to purchasing, expediting, equipment integration testing, and the development of installation and running procedures.

A fundamental consideration in subsea hardware specification and which Talisman subsea have come to appreciate through experience, is of how best to achieve the interconnection of the major hardware elements. The offshore installation phase is the most capital-intensive. Any efficiencies for the installation that can be introduced through smart hardware design is always worth incorporating.

The complexity of a project for subsea facilities requires a high level of technical availabity which will make management and control difficult to achieve, including installation and resources required, they usually require more time than schedule will permit. Talisman subsea will introduce beneficial attributes built into the project allowing for flexibility to install and tie-in technical equipment in any sequence regardless of the base schedule. The objective is to eliminate conflict and escalating costs, that’s how you stay on target and budget.

Talisman will ensure the necessary design input required for base of design, appraise, select through to definition and will develop the scopes of work for ITT and third party contractors for the execute phases of construction, installation, commissioning through to completion. An aligned contract structure for ITT evaluation and selection process, develop the definitive cost estimate for AFE and capital expenditure, including scheduling and the technical specification for procurement and placement of engineering contracts.