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Talisman Subsea only employ those that are passionate about what they do. We are discipline specialists in our line of work with many years of experience. We can ensure for our customers that the project is delivered to correct specification, is quality assured and complies with the recommended codes of best engineering technical practice.

Talisman Subsea brings multi-discipline support to the client in terms of design, engineering and consultancy services. In particular were uncertainties exist concerning subsea plant and terrestrial construction and intervention. We will provide hands on technical and engineering management skills in support of the design and build of SURF and SPS facilities, topside interface controls and monitoring, marine and terrestrial cross country pipelines.Talisman Subsea has a broad understanding of technologies associated with cross country pipelines, shallow and deep water projects including subsea cable and pipeline installation’s, engineering, procurement, contractor management and field development.

TSL also offers to our customers extensive IRM experience, ranging from ROV intervention techniques for inspection, subsea construction and repair. Having resolved technical issues and repaired many subsea pipeline problems ranging from stuck pigs, anchor damage, corrosion, hydrate and wax plugs where production has been totally lost. More often than not a hydrate and pipeline wax plug takes the operator by complete surprise and if not dealt with quickly and correctly can lead to many months of lost production. Give Talisman Subsea a call first.

Talisman Subsea can assist with:

  • The necessary input for decision support packages appraise to select.
  • Development of SOW for select to define and execute phases.
  • Brown and Greenfield feasibility studies projects subsea and land.
  • Permit regulative procedures, marine fit for purpose auditing management requirements.
  • Terrestrial and Hydrographical survey techniques and standards.
  • Subsea field design, engineering construction and installation.
  • Bundle SPS design and installation procedures.
  • Subsea Manifold design and engineering.
  • Drilling and Production SIMOPS interface.
  • Pipe lay consulting, SPS-SURF, route selection and crossings.
  • Flow assurance, hydrate and wax remediation measures.
  • Marine engineering scope of work, ITT, tender preparation and evaluations.
  • Technical responsibility including FEED, design, installation & commissioning.
  • Contractor’s liaison, onshore management project planning compliance.
  • Financial responsibility for aspects of contracts including project budgets.
  • Insurance issues, equipment specification and contractor selection.
  • Subsea remedial works repairs IRM, as built documentation in place.
  • Shallow and deep-water Subsea plant installation and maintenance.
  • Post installation remedial works, maintenance, and inspection engineering.
  • Jacket, wellhead, riser, template and umbilical control systems.
  • Remote subsea plant intervention tasking, ROV tooling intervention, IRM
  • ROV systems design, applications, and auditing fit for purpose.
  • Testing, commissioning of subsea and top side plant and control systems.
  • DSV services, engineering, operations ROV systems for deep water.
  • Sub bottom profiling and ROV tooling, umbilical winches and reel drive systems.
  • Pipe tracker systems active and intelligent pigging.
  • Design and selection of Large bore valves,Subsea structures, Manifolds/Templates.
  • PLET/PLEM, Subsea distribution and connection systems.
  • Subsea Trees, vertical and conventional, Well intervention systems, ROV Intervention.
  • Systems, HIPPS and three phase wet gas metering and flow systems.
  • Attend and review contractor meetings, identify and asses risks.
  • Review and approve project documentation and procedures.
  • Develop contracting strategy and technical work programmes.